ico2.png With our manufacturing capability,Sunnywei
Stone can meet and specific requirements and
requests from our clients.All customizations are
available for any granite,limestone,quartz,slate,
and marble products by special orders.


ico3.png Our LuxeStone brand has selectively designed
stone products for all indoor and outdoor
applications.We Focus on our customers with
the guarantee of timely information and accurate
order processing with installation references.


ico5.png Our TEC WALL Cladding system is an innovative
technology that is more advanced than traditional
ASTM C-1242 and Undercut Anchor.
With an accurate design,you can shave off high
site labour cost shorten construction time.


ico4.png Our Exterior 2.0cm Outdoor Porcelain is our leading brand for outdoor porcelain applications.
It can be applied to a wall cladding system and
all other outdoor surfaces.We can also offer
installation with our top contractors.

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Project Gallery Sunnywei Group Inc.Supplies customized stone products with professional engineering and shop drawing services. Form luxury/high-end residential houses to commercial project,from landscaping stone project to any kind of wall projects.


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